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Wolverine Cab Heater Kit - B4J-K75L0-V0-00

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Designed to provide a factory look and feel for your Wolverine, the Cab Heater produces heat via the engine coolant with the new Thermostat-By-Pass to add extra warmth and comfort, without sacrificing any cargo space. 

  • Thermostat By-Pass provides quick and constant flow of warm air in all weather conditions
  • 22,000 BTU/hr. and a 240 CFM blower for maximum heating comfort
  • Compact design to maximize available cargo space
  • 4 vents: 2 defrosting and 2 dash/cab vents
  • Integrated wire harness for Plug and Play with designated mounting and drill points for vents
  • 3-position rocker switch
  • Vent/heater hose and clamps
  • Dealer installation recommended
  • Includes all necessary hardware needed for installation

Can be installed in conjunction with the Powered Subwoofer by SSV Works (B8K-H81D0-V0-00) and 2nd Battery Kit (BG4-H21B0-V0-00), both sold separately.

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