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TOBE Ferox Merino Socks

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Merino wool socks are the perfect choice for backcountry adventures. With targeted ventilation zones, these soft socks will wick away sweat and let it evaporate quickly so your feet stay comfortably dry all day. Ferox Merino wool socks are padded from heel to toe, which allows greater support for your feet, minimizing chafing and preventing blisters while giving extra protection from the cold underneath.

  • Stretch knitting
  • Ventilation zones

Care Instructions:

1. Fill the machine to a maximum of half when washing wool.
2. Use the washing machine's wool cycle alternatively, another gentle 30° cycle.
3. For best results, use a wool detergent, such as Nikwax Wool Wash. Avoid softener.
4. Air dry flat or hung. Tumble drying can damage the delicate fibers in the Merino wool but also shrink the garments.
Air your clothes between wears!