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Progressive International Food Safety Pairing Knives - 723-GT3626

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  • KEEP FOODS SEPARATE: This set includes four color-coded Paring Knives that allow you to easily see which knives correspond to a particular type of food
  • PREVENT CROSS CONTAMINATION: Reduce the risk of cross contamination during meal prep with this set of four color-coded food safety paring knives. Use RED for meat, BLUE for seafood, YELLOW for poultry and GREEN for vegetables
  • LONG LASTING STAINLESS-STEEL: The Paring Knives feature a sharp, 3.5” long Stainless-Steel blade
  • PROTECTIVE SAFTEY COVERS: Each Paring Knife includes a protective snap-on cover for safe storage
  • EASY CLEANING: Dishwasher safe for easy, convenient cleaning