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Mercury Mercruiser Vesselview Mobile Bulk Kit - 84-8M0157080

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SmartCraft® is a fully integrated package of digital technologies, including gauges, sensors, vessel systems and computerized functions, that give users a high level of control over their boat's propulsion and electrical system. Mercury Marine's VesselView Mobile now allows users to view SmartCraft engine data on the screen of their mobile device. The app also includes useful features such as fuel information, maintenance reminders, maps, performance summary and trouble code diagnostics. VesselView Mobile makes preparing for and spending a day on the water easier, safer and more enjoyable by allowing users to perform the following functions on their mobile device:

Connect to the SmartCraft® data network on your boat from your iOS or Android mobile device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0).

View SmartCraft® parameters such as engine hours, fuel consumption, water temperature, battery voltage, RPM, etc. (parameters available depend on engine family).

Displays fault code diagnostic information so you know and understand if a fault is something that can be dealt with when you return to the dock or if it is more urgent.

Fuel Management provides accurate fuel consumption data along with fuel remaining and also provides the time and distance left to drive when the user enters the added fuel through the app.

Locate your nearest Mercury Marine dealer.

Get information about points of interest for your body of water, including gas station and restaurant locations, and more.

Record a moment on the water for later comparison reference.

Access checklists associated with your boating lifestyle.

Receive maintenance reminders and access logs of historical maintenance information.

Digital ads on your phone.

The VesselView Mobile App displays key data for one to four engines on your smartphone (Android® or Apple® iPhone®). Track fuel consumption, engine temperature, battery life, RPM - and any other data you want to know. There are dozens of data points to choose from and you can customize up to three screens. The information provided by VesselView Mobile is more accurate than most analog gauges. You can better assess true RPM, fuel economy, speed, fluid pressure levels because everything that can be measured on analog gauges is even more accurate with VesselView Mobile.

Easy to install and set up.

The VesselView Mobile module connects to a Mercury SmartCraft enabled engine - outboards and sterndrives, 2004 and newer, 40 hp and up. You can install the module in minutes, connect to the app and start driving! You can even select your favorite Mercury dealer in the app and share your engine details with them for quick troubleshooting. An optional ROKK® Mini mount system lets you mount your phone for easy data access and safe boating.

So you always know what's happening.

With the VesselView Mobile module connected to your engine, you can easily track engine hours and know in advance when a regular service interval is due. As well as providing information on how your engine is performing, VesselView Mobile can also let you know if there is a problem. More than just a series of beeps or a numeric code, VesselView Mobile tells you how your engine is running in plain language. When you select your preferred dealer in the app, you can share data with them so they can review these alerts and help you keep your engine in top condition.

Have fun on the water.

You can enjoy your time on the water knowing that VesselView Mobile is monitoring your engine. The VesselView Mobile module uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to connect to your mobile device, so you can still connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices, such as speakers. The VesselView Mobile app has a map feature that shows nearby places of interest such as: B. Harbours, restaurants or local bait shops - so you don't have to switch between apps or search for them manually. She also has a handy checklist so you don't forget any important items ashore.