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Lippert Components

Lippert Components Wide Lift Assist Kit for Solid Step® 29"-32"

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Product Description
The Solid Step ® by Lippert Components ® has taken the RV industry by storm. Its patented design gives RV the most solid footing of any RV entry step in the market. When not in use, the step stores inside the entry door frame, protected from the elements during travel. Lippert Components® now offers an exciting new upgrade to current solid Step ® owners; the Solid Step ® lift assist kit. Once installed, the lift assist kit takes virtually all the weight off of the step during deployment and storage. Upgrading to the lift assist kit makes an already great product even better.

Features & Benefits
Makes Lowering And Raising Your SolidStep Easy
Keeps The SolidStep From Dropping Completely When Disengaged From The Door-Jamb And Will Even Support Its Own Weight
Deploying And Storing The Solid Step ® Much Easier
Lift Assist Kit Is Installed,The Solid Step ® Can Be Operated With As Little As One Finger
Limited 1 Year Warranty