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LinQ Pivoting Rack

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LinQ latched rack allows for extra LinQ mounted accessories or for carrying a spare tire (tire not included). Includes custom tie-down strap for fast spare tire installation or removal. Gas-cylinder pivot action, locks in the raised position. Compatible with the All-Terrain Trunk Cover. Not compatible with Gear Rail (715003703), Lonestar Racing and DragonFire tire carrier, Lonestar Racing Number Plate, rear intrusion bars and LinQ Cargo Rack.


Maverick Trail 1000 DPS 2018 - 2019
Maverick Trail HD8 DPS 2018
Maverick Trail HD8 2018
Maverick Trail 800 2019
Maverick Trail 800 DPS 2019
Maverick Sport 1000 2019
Maverick Sport MAX 1000 2019