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Klim Rage Goggles

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The KLIM Rage Goggle is designed to create excellent vision on the snow with quick-change lenses for all conditions. The Rage lens system with slide+hinge lock technology allows you to quickly and easily swap lenses on the fly for changing light conditions. The Rage is engineered with anti-fogging technologies such as air circulation through foam filtered vents, large internal air volume and Super Anti-fog lens coating. The cylindrical lens design provides great peripheral vision and clarity.


  • Cylindrical lens goggle with excellent F.O.V.
  • Quick-release slide + hinge lock lens retention system
  • Outrigger frame for face sealing comfort
  • 2-part frame: flexible inner frame for fit/seal, rigid outer frame
  • Triple layer moisture wicking face foam
  • Over the glasses (OTG) compatible frame cutouts
  • Debossed nose area for sealing w/o restricting breathing
  • Perimeter frame vent foam
  • 50mm non-slip silicone liner molded strap/ outrigger attachments
  • Custom low profile strap adjustment sliders
  • Removable nose guard
  • 108mm goggle height (incl. nose guard)
  • Includes half-cotton, half-poly goggle bag for absorbing moisture and polishing lens
  • Anti-scratch quick-release impact rated cylindrical lens
  • Dual-pane lens w/ 3M gasket for fog prevention (Polycarbonate outer, cellulose inner)
  • Thru-lens foam-filtered vent to manage temp/elevation changes and prevent fogging
  • Injection molded lens technology
  • Super Anti-Fog lens coating
  • UV 400 rating
  • Pending ANSI Z87.1 impact protection safety standard