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Fox Racing

Fox Peewee Titan Roost Youth Deflector

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Safety is a parent’s number-one concern for their small riders, and the Fox Racing Pee Wee Titan Roost Deflector is a chest protector that delivers upper-body coverage in a design made specifically for children. The Pee Wee starts off with a main chassis of perforated foam. This padding is naturally flexible, but the overall shape has been contoured and sculpted so it doesn’t negatively affect a child’s movement. Hard plastic shoulder cups protect the shoulders along with extended impact foam on the exterior of the bicep/arm.

There’s also strategically placed hard rubber pads on the chest and back for additional impact deflection. Adjustment straps around the waist and biceps give the deflector a secure, but not overly tight fit, and keep the armor in place where it’s supposed to be. With this layout of protection working alongside highly ventilated materials and an affordable price point, the Pee Wee Titan is a great roost deflector choice for children riders that need protection but don’t want to be uncomfortable.

Design and Function:

  • Perforated foam chassis sculpts to body and provides airflow
  • Easy to use elastic waist straps with hook and loop closure
  • Injection molded plastic shoulder pads
  • Hard rubber chest and back pads
  • S/M: AGES 4-7
  • M/L: AGES 6-9
  • 41% TPR / 23% PP/Rubber / 13% PE / 12% Polyester/Xpe / 7% Nylon / 3% Polyester / 1% Polyester/Rubber
  • S/M
  • 41% Tpr / 23% Pp/Rubber / 13% Pe / 12% Polyester/Xpe / 7% Nylon / 3% Polyester / 1% Polyester/Rubber