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Truck System Technology (TST) Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Sensor

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Product Description
TST was established in 2007 because Federal Tire Pressure Monitoring Regulations did not include most powered RV vehicles. The result of which is numerous tire blowouts and safety hazards due to under-inflation or undetected air loss. TST has since expanded it’s systems to accommodate all sizes of towable R.V.’s, boat trailers, agricultural trailers, construction trailers, construction equipment and commercial transport vehicles.

Features & Benefits
The Sensor Is Water Resistant
Sensor Transmit Pressure And Temperature Data Very 5 Minutes
The Large Display Is Easy To Read
Automatic Activation When Vehicle Is In Motion
With Automatic Monitor Illumination, Monitor Lighting Is Adaptable To All Conditions
Leaks And Temperature Variances Are Detected Swiftly And Reliably
Visual Warning Lights And Audible Alarms Sound When Temperature And Pressure Thresholds Are Exceeded
The Sensors Are Easy To Install And Very Reliable
Each Sensor Is Individually Coded For Easy Installation And Individual Settings
Limited 3 Year Warranty

Type: Cap Sensor
Programmable: No
Includes Valve Stem: No
Quantity: Set Of 2