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Ski-Doo Ride On Cover (ROC) System - 860201884

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Experience ultimate protection for your snowmobile with the Ride On Cover (ROC) System. Designed to fit sleds ranging from 129" to 175" in length, this innovative snowmobile ride on cover system ensures that your snowmobile is shielded from the elements and potential damage during transport and can be easily maneuvered on, off, and around for easier loading/unloading. Whether you're storing your sled, transporting it, or simply want to keep it covered when not in use, the Ride On Cover (ROC) system offers a revolutionary solution for protecting your beloved ride.

  • ROC System fits sleds from 129" to 175"
  • Quick release buckles for easy, gloved-hand operation
  • Easy handlebar access for moving sled while covered.
  • Ride on or off a trailer or sled deck while covered.
  • Added protection while transporting sleds.

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