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Tekonsha Prodigy® P2 Trailer Brake Control

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For decades, Tekonsha® has designed and manufactured brake controllers to fit your every need, helping you to stop your trailer and keep your family and cargo safe on the road. Brake controllers are a necessary component for every towing system with electric trailer brakes which is why Tekonsha® offers several brake controller options with an array of different features. Choose from time-delayed controllers that activate the trailer brakes at a predetermined time and intensity once the tow vehicle’s brakes are applied, or proportional controllers that activate the trailer brakes at the same time and intensity as the tow vehicle’s brakes. Smooth, reliable stopping at any speed makes Tekonsha® brake controllers the best in class and most popular on the market. No matter what you are towing, Tekonsha® will help you brake with confidence. Life’s a Journey. Stop Often.

Features & Benefits
Reverse Battery Protection For Both Vehicle And Breakaway
Designed To Work With Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Systems
Numerous Mounting Options Including 360 Degree Vertical Rotation
Digital Display Depicts Voltage Delivery To Trailer During Braking
Great For Backing Into Tough Spots! Works Proportionally In Reverse With The Ability To Disable When Not Needed
Quick And Easy Disconnect Feature Allows User To Remove And Store The Control When Not In Use
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Accommodated Number Of Trailer Axles: 1 To 4 Axles
Type: Proportional
Brake Systems Type: 2 To 8 Brake System
Reverse Function: Fully Functional In Reverse
Leveling: Automatic
Smart Technology Compatible: No
Display: LED Screen
With Trailer Disconnect Alarm: No
With Wiring Harness: No
Estimated Install Time (Hours): 1