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Furrion Chill ™ Air Conditioner 14500 BTU

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The powerful, aerodynamic Chill HE RV roof air conditioner by Furrion has been engineered with dual fans to increase cooling efficiency by 40 Percent and lower operating noise. It offers effortless control of the temperature and airflow in your RV. The dual-fan design works to move cold air into your RV while simultaneously circulating the air around the primary fan. This design reduces heat generated from operating the AC and increases airflow.


Mount: 14 Inch x 14 Inch Vent Openings
AC System: Ducted System Or Non Ducted System
BTU Level: 14500 BTU
Cooling Type: Refrigerant Cooling
Function: AC Only
Height: Medium Profile - 13-5/8 Inch
Voltage Rating: 120 Volt
Color: Black
Ampere Rating: 15 Amp
With Condensate Pump: Without Condensate Pump
With Remote Control: Without Remote Control
Weight: 84 Pound
Additional Info 1: Ceiling Assembly And Thermostat Must Be Ordered Separately

Features & Benefits

Cooler RV Temperature
Superior Performance
High Capacity And Efficiency
Durable Design
Lightweight And Aerodynamic
UV-Resistant Finish For Increased Longevity
Weather-Resistant Drip Pan To Avoid Messy Streaks
Easy To Install
Limited 2 Year Warranty