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Marshall Excelsior

Marshall Excelsior Excela-Flo Propane Regulator

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Product Description
For over 30 years Marshall Excelsior Company has been a progressive manufacturer of top quality and competitively priced LPG and NH3 equipment that is leading the industry in innovation and low emission products.

Features & Benefits
Automatic Changeover Regulator Automatically Redirects LP Gas Vapor Flow From An Empty Service Cylinder To A Reserve Cylinder, Without Interruption Of Service
Meet UL, RVIA And NFPA Requirements
Made In The USA
Features An Easy To Read Green Indicator Which Changes To Red When The Service Cylinder Needs To Be Refilled
Limited 5 Year Warranty

Inlet Size: 1/4 Inch
Inlet Attachment Type: Female Inverted Flare
Outlet Size: 3/8 Inch
Outlet Attachment Type: Female Threads
Installation Type: Vertical
Outlet Pressure: 11 Inch WC
Number Of Stages: 2
BTU Level: 225000 BTU/ 150000 BTU
Material: Zinc
With Shut Off Valve: No
With Hose: No
RV Approved: Yes