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CAN-AM Overhead Storage Bags - 715007379

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Protect your gear as you ride with this weather-resistant Overhead Storage Bag. Make the most of your overhead space, increase storage capacity and keep cargo secure on your off-roading adventures!

  • This weather-resistant bag holds your gear safely and securely while you ride.
  • Makes smart use of the overhead space and increase the vehicle’s cargo capacity by 2.3 Gal (9 L).
  • The thermoformed base attaches to the roof for easy bag installation and the soft construction makes the bag flexible enough to fit oddly shaped loads.
  • Features a hanging function for easier access to the items in the bag, and an integrated net for even more storage space.
  • Contains two sections: a fixed bag, and a detachable bag that can be carried.
  • Easily access your smartphone using the touchscreen-compatible clear front pocket.