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Ultra Heat

Ultra Heat UltraHeat ® Holding Tank Pipe Heater 3 Inch Pipe

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Product Description
The UltraHeat pipe heaters are designed to be used on electrically non-conductive RV drain pipe as described under the Codes and Standards of the RV Industry for use within a Recreational Vehicle. All pipe and pipe elbow heaters are either ‘on' or ‘off' and are not controlled with a built-in sensor like our RV tank heater models are equipped. They are designed to protect against fluid freezing within a pipe down to -11 Degree Fahrenheit when property installed (instructions on installation click here). And like all of the RV heat panels we offer, should only be powered up under the two conditions of colder freezing weather conditions and with fluid present within. If you are considering use in extreme cold weather, due to lower volume of fluids within a pipe, additional insulation wrapping maybe suggested over the top of both the pipe and heat panel.

Features & Benefits
UltraHeat Pipe Heaters Are Designed To Be Used On Electrically Non-Conductive RV Drain Pipe As Described Under The Codes And Standards Of The RV Industry For Use Within A Recreational Vehicle
Designed To Meet -11 Degree Fahrenheit Protection Against Freezing Like All Of Other Tank Heaters
Features A Easy Peel-N-Stick Backing Using The Proprietary Adhesive Formula
Adhesive Applied Gives A Stronger Molecular Concentration, Far Superior To The Secondary Adhesion Process Most Commonly Used
Limited 1 Year Warranty

Used To: Prevent Freeze-Ups In RV Drain Pipe
Compatibility: Heats 3 Inch Diameter Pipe
Control Type: Thermostatic Control
Length: 18 Inch
Width: 7-1/4 Inch
Ampere Rating: 6.6 Amp
Voltage Rating: 13.5 Volt DC
Wattage: 13.5 Watt
Mounting Type: Adhesive Backing