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Connelly Spark 4ft 9 inch Wakesurf Board

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The Spark isn't just any board; it's a learning tool specifically designed to help novice surfers find their footing and improve their skills. Its color-coded foam EVA pad assists instructors in guiding new learners about the correct foot positioning for water starts and surfing. The concave heel pockets add to its learner-friendly design, ensuring a secure and comfortable foothold.

Featuring a broad cruiser shape and a square tail, the Connelly Spark provides a stable platform for beginners. This design is carefully tailored to make progression in skills an enjoyable journey rather than a challenging task.

  • Handmade at Connelly's Lynnwood, Washington factory for exceptional quality
  • Designed with beginners in mind, endorsed by professional athletes and instructors
  • Color-coded foam EVA pad aids in learning correct foot positioning
  • Broad cruiser design and square tail offer a stable platform for skill progression
  • Durable closed cell polyurethane core ensures buoyancy and longevity