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Minder Research

Minder Research TireMinder ® Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Product Description

Introducing the next generation of tire pressure monitoring – now right on your smartphone or tablet. The new TireMinder Smart TPMS allows you to conveniently monitor your tires, proving safety alerts to help you achieve a greater level of peace of mind while traveling.


Smart Technology Compatible: Bluetooth Compatible
Number Of Sensors: 6
Sensor Type: Valve Stem Cap Style
Sensor Flow: Non-Flow Through
Display Compatibility: iPhone and Android Phone Display
Alert Style: Push Notification Alert System

Features & Benefits

Tire Pressure Monitoring Right From Your Smartphone
Monitors Tire Pressure And Temperature
Automatically Scroll Between All Tire Positions
Auto-Update Function Allows Updated Pressure Readings In A Touch
Easily Add And Remove Transmitters With A Simple Press
Sophisticated Alert System Provides Early Warning Detection Of Tire Issues
Limited 1 Year Warranty