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TST Hibiscus Breeze Drop-Ins - 15 / bag

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The TST Hibiscus Breeze Drop-Ins help control unwanted odors and break down waste and tissue in your black water holding tank. The easy to use drop-ins contain a special chemical that helps break down waste, and a blend of tropical-scented surfactant oils that trap unwanted odors in your tank, making your camping experience more enjoyable. The drop-ins are RV and marine approved, non-formaldehyde and safe for all septic tanks—they’re even great for portable camping toilets! Each container comes with 15 drop-ins.

Eliminates odors and helps break down waste in the RV holding tank
Ultra-Concentrated: just one drop-in treats up to a 40 gallon tank
Does not contain the toxic, formaldehyde-releasing ingredient bronopol
RV and marine approved; safe for all septic tanks
Fresh Hibiscus Breeze scent, 15 drop-ins/bag