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Phase 5


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The Diamond CL delivers the same board shape as the world renowned Danielo Diamond but built with Phase 5's proprietary Composilite Construction. Though not as lively as the full carbon version, this construction is super durable, stronger and faster than traditional glass layups used on other boards.

The Diamond shape was designed by the 7x World Champion Drew Danielo and has been proven time and time again to help take riders abilities to the next level. The wider tail profile generates more power and allows you to ride off the tail, using your back foot without losing the wave. The traditional skim nose prevents the board from digging into the wave when pressing forward, letting you position your feet almost anywhere without losing speed or burying the nose.

The Diamond CL is hand built in the USA and features unique hand painted graphics and colors. Every board is truly unique and no two have the same look.

Please note that colors and graphics on the Diamond CL are assorted.



Performance Traction pads
Contoured pads for the best grip and comfort while riding

Composilite Construction
Lightweight and durable - a great performing construction with a lower price than carbon. Exclusive tech proprietary to Phase 5

E-Glass Wrap
Multiple layers of high density woven glass. Strong and built to last

Polyester Resin
The most widely used resin in the surf industry. Provides quality, strength and durability

Continuous Core
Same thickness from nose to tail. Adds float and buoyancy to help keep the board in the wave

TuffCoat Gloss
Protects the hand painted graphics with a rich gloss finish

Hand Built in the USA
Every Phase 5 board is shaped by hand by actual riders / shapers in Venice, Florida

Versatile 2" Single Fin
Low drag and easy to spin but with a little bite to prevent slipping out

54" x 20.5" x .75" - 10.6 Liter Volume = For Riders 140 - 200 lbs.
57" x 20.75" x .75" - 11 Liter Volume = For Riders 160 - 230 lbs.