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Leatt 4.5 Jacki Chest Protector

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  • Specifically designed to fit the female figure (Jacki)
  • CE certified for impact protection: CE EN1621-2 level 2 Back & CE EN1621-3 level 2 Front | flank impact padding
  • Leatt 3DF foam for impact absorption | Leatt HDPE High Density Poly Ethylene hard shell outer protective shield
  • Multi layer multi plate articulating design
  • | 3D design for great fit and comfort


This hard shell reinforced CE certified 3DF chest protector scores a total of 12 points in the Leatt protection rating system. Premium hard shell protection precision engineered for the female form for the perfect fit. Leatt neck brace integrated, chest, flank and back protection with maximum airflow makes this a must have piece in your armory. The next level up in safety is the Chest Protector 5.5 Pro which scores a combined total of 15 points.