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Western Power Sports

KFI Stealth 3500 Winch

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Product Description

Whether its on a winding trail, plowing snow or deep in the mud, a reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider can have. Equip your ATV, UTV or SxS with a KFI WINCH and feel confident you can pull yourself out of any situation. This 3500-pound ATV Stealth Series winches features synthetic cable, cable hook stopper, a dynamic and mechanical braking system, water-resistant seals to keep the elements out, a standard four-hole mounting design and a heavy-duty all-metal turn clutch.

  • Eliminates wear and tear on your rollers from the hook which can cause cable wear.
  • Eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail.
  • Protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in too far and bottoming out on the rollers.
  • Keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable becoming loose.
  • Also has slits designed into it to work as an anti-kickback for the cable if your cable were to snap.

3500 Model Specifics

  • Also included is a handheld 14' corded remote for those situations when you need to control your winch from a distance or dismounted from your machine.
  • This compact high-quality remote offers a more reliable control than the other wireless options.
  • Included is a socket plug-and-play wiring system so that you can store your remote when not in use.