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CONNELLY Voyage 68" Combo Water Skis

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The Voyage combo has a reinforced composite construction, step base technology for less drag, beveled tips for turn initiation, high gloss UV coat and stabilizer bar inserts. The bindings are a slide-type adjustable design and the fins are a glass filled nylon. The combo skies are available in two lengths depending on the skier's body weight. 64" (162.6cm) length is designed for skier's weighing 150 lbs (68kg) and up. The 68" (173cm) length is designed for skier's weighing 120 lbs (54.4kg) and up. The bindings are adjustable from US size 9 to 14.

  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Step base technology for less drag
  • Beveled tips for turn initiation
  • High gloss UV coat
  • Stabilizer bar inserts