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Connelly Pure Wakeboard 134 (cm) 2021

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The Connelly Pure Wakeboard is the perfect deck for beginners getting their feet wet. Its mellow 3-stage rocker pattern is optimized for predictability and pop off the wake, while the long molded fins and rail channels help less experienced riders stay on track. For a ride that just about everyone can get behind, pick up the Connelly Pure Wakeboard.

Rocker Type

Subtle 3-Stage Rocker  Blends the pop of a 3-Stage rocker with the smooth predictability of continuous.


Full Spine  Displaces water to the toe and heel edge of the board to soften landings.


System 80 Core  A light density closed cell foam with forgiveness to perform at all levels.


Smorg  Laminated Nexus shell with UV protection, lightweight and durable.


4 Long Base Molded Fins

2 Bolt-On 1.9" Plastic Skater Fins