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Connelly Concept Mens Neoprene Life Vest 2021 Model

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The 2021 Connelly Mens Concept Neoprene Life Vest is Coast Guard Approved with a double flex V-back that is more size forgiving. The front panels have four hinge points in the shoulders and chest that provide mobility in all directions. The Glideskin upper panels keep the vest from getting soggy and thus keeps the vest light. The Concept vest has front zip and two adjustable hidden belts. Don’t keep your old retro life vest that is clunky and soggy. Upgrade to our next generation of Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets with the most advanced mobility, more flex, and low wet weight.

2021 Connelly Men’s Concept Neoprene Life Vest Features:
-U.S. Coast Guard Approved Neoprene vest
-Center zip with double V-back flex panel
-Hinged front panel for increased mobility
-Glideskin to wick away excess water
-2 hidden straps with side release buckles
-Contoured arm holes