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Avon Spirit Sport Touring Tire- 120/70-18, Radial, Front

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Avon Tyres
Spirit ST Sport Touring Tires
120/70ZR18, Radial, Front, (59W)

Avon Spirit ST Tires

The Avon Spirit ST Tires are a high performance sport touring option with plenty of silica thrown in to ensure good traction in inclement weather. Avon's 3D Sipe technology adds interlocking points within the sipes that improve stability by limiting tread flex while also allowing for a quicker warm up time. The multi-compound rear improves longevity while keeping a softer, gripier compound at the edges for more spirited riding. 


  • Highly loaded silica compound combined with state of the art polymer technology for excellent traction and handling in the wet or dry
  • 3D Sipes - interlocking three dimensional points hidden within the sipes improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow for quicker warm up
  • Avon's latest technology yields high performance and handling characteristics
  • Multi-compound rear provides both longevity and cornering grip
  • Radial Tubeless Type