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Phase Five

2021 Phase Five Aku V2 Wakesurf Board

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The Phase 5 Aku V2 is a fast carving, air boosting board built for speed and style.
The Phase 5 Aku V2 Wakesurf Board is the same shape as the first version, but now dressed in some sick new looking splat paint graphics and constructed to save some cheddar. The paint splat is unique for every single board so you will have your very own unique Aku V2 and no other board out there will have the same exact pattern.

Fast, aggressive, the Phase 5 Aku V2 is ready for you to slash and boost your heart out. Twin fin configured for max speed and drive, and coupled with the diamond tail bumped wing for pivot and performance. Get on it!

Phase 5 Aku V2 Wakesurf Board Features

Included Fins w/53": 2 x 3.7" FCS Fins
Included Fins w/58": 2 x 4.3" FCS Fins
P5 Techno Grip Traction v2
E-Glass Wrap
V.R.T.™ Technology
Epoxy Resin
Texture Finish
PROPEL™ Bottom & Topsheet
EPS Core
Splat Artwork - Unique for EVERY board
E-Glass Construction
E-Glass Construction
Multi-Layers of high density woven E-Glass used in Phase 5's composite molded technology. It is strong and built to last.

Surf Style Wakesurf Board
Surf Style
Surf Style boards have a stable rail, and generate speed when edging, perfect for cutbacks and big carves.

Twin Fin Wakesurf Boards
Twin Fin
With no center fin there's less resistance through the middle of the board allowing more speed. Easy to break free on a slash, but grippy enough hold on the bottom turn.

Diamond Tail Board Shape
Diamond Tail
Similar surface area compared to round tails keep this shape high and maneuverable. The angle created at the rear part of the rail releases water for a faster overall feel.

Product Specs
Warranty: 60 Days
Manufacturer Part Number: 521AKU53
Item#: S71541
Style: Surf
Construction: Best
Wave Size: Medium
Fin Compatiblity: FCS