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2021 Phase Five Zilla Wakesurf Board

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The Phase 5 Zilla Wakesurf Board is a good ole fashion fun long board. Hang 5 and cruise the wake, but turn quick with power when ready. The pulled in tail leads to a wide blunt nose that will allow the Zilla to glide across any wave. The Phase 5 Zilla works best on long waves as the Zilla can glide all day. Built with Phase 5's FLEXtec V2 glass system, this board has the feel of a surf board while delivering the features of a Wakesurf board. The quad fin set up allows for excellent control and response out on the water.



For Intermediate to Advanced Riders
Surf style Wakesurf board
EPS Core
Epoxy Resin
Reflex Speedrail
CRT Technology
FLEXtec V2 Lamination
FCS Fin Boxes
Texture Finish
Flexspine Carbon Stringer
Phase 5 Key Construction Details:
FlexTech V2 Lamination - FlexTech V2 is a next generation lamination integrating both innegra and carbon inlays.

Flexspine - Flexspine is an extra carbon inlay strip running from nose to tail. It enhances stiffness and overall board performance.

Epoxy Resin - Epoxy resin delivers increased strength and stiffness, especially when combined with carbon fiber.

VRT Technology - Refined vacuum-assisted hand lamination process with built-in glass/bar stringers on the bottom edge of the board for extra strength and pop.

P5 Techno Grip Traction V2 - Mid density EVA horizontal groove with dimple dots. These blended features create more traction than Phase 5 has ever offered. The V2 is thinner than the V1 traction pad, allowing increased connection to board.

Specifications & Sizes:

Length   Width   Volume (liters)   Weight Limit    Height Range
68"         20.75"   30L                    275 lbs             5'8" - 7'