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Phase Five

2021 Phase Five Hypsta Wakesurf Board

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A specialty shape guaranteed to spice up your rather mundane wakesurf quiver, The Phase 5 Hypsta is a surf style board guaranteed to to strike the core of any seasoned rider looking for something fresh and new.
Looking to switch it up? Tired of the same 'ol ride? Freshen up the selection of boards on your boat with the Phase 5 Hypsta. This specialty shape is a unique sensation on the water that surely rides differently than any other board in your quiver, allowing you to step up your spinning game.

There are many features that immediately stand out on the Hypsta. First off is the ultra-wide, squared swallowtail design. What does this do for the rider? The tail shape makes the board really quick and extremely maneuverable at high speeds. This board is great for spinning and will be great for anyone wanting to do 360's. A wider overall shape provides an impressive amount of volume for the board and creates a stable feeling that excels for beginners and the bigger riders on the boat. 200 lb riders can easily cruise and get funky on the 50”, while the 54” will handle ANYONE.

A tri-fin setup offers the rider customization ability in setting up the fins and the overall ride of the board. Ride with the single center fin for a looser, more skim style feel that is ideal for spinning or ride with all three fins for a more surf style feel.

Dare to be different. The Phase 5 Hypsta Wakesurf Board is a truly one of a kind board that is a refreshing change of pace from most other boards on the water today. A must-have addition for anyone looking to add a specialty board to their wakesurf quiver.

Phase 5 Hypsta Wakesurf Board Features


Included Fins: 1 x 2" Tail Fin, 2 x 1" Fakie Fins
P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2
CI-V Carbon Innegra
3/4" Thick
V.R.T.™ Technology
Continuous Core
Polyester Resin
PolyLam™ Texture
PROPEL™ Bottomsheet
Skim Style Wakesurf Board
Skim Style
A skateboard on the water, skim style boards are playful and slippery on the water, ideal for surface spins.

Thruster Fin Setup
Possibly the most common surf fin setup of all time. A large center fin provides superior tracking the two flat foil side fins generate speed and hold in the face of the wave.

Swallow Tail Board Shape
Swallow Tail
Swallow tails increase the turning arcs in boards that have a wider tail shape. Width in the tail adds to push and stability and is balanced by the mobility in the swallow shape.

Product Specs

Warranty: 60 Days
Manufacturer Part Number: 521HYP50
Item#: S71507
Style: Skim
Construction: Best
Wave Size: Large
Fin Compatiblity: Thru-Bolt